Inventory Control Features

  • Matrix Inventory for Shoe and Clothing Retailers
  • External UPC Database with 6 million UPC Codes and growing
  • Track Width, Size, Color, etc.
  • Complete Inventory movement control and reporting
  • Inventory Auditing at a push of a button
  • Style Checker Utiliity
  • Number of items is limited only by hardware
  • Multiple Pricing Levels 
  • Item Notes for information at point of sale
  • Item Sales History with customer and selling price information
  • Inventory Look up by multiple criteria simultaneously
  • Inventory may be accessed by SKU or UPC Code
  • Automatic On-Sale setup with advance sale ending dates
  • Complete Class and Sub-Class set up for category or class analysis
  • Date Code generation for product aging - can be printed on hangtags
  • Mass Inventory updates of all fields, by dollar, percentage or constant
  • Automatic calculation of selling prices by cost markup and/or profit margins
  • Precision pricing - definable penny precision
  • Precision quantity - definable by whole number or fractional decimal points
  • Average, LIFO, or FIFO costing
  • Integrated Purchasing - Inventory is updated automatically as purchase orders are created and filled
  • Suggested Restocking Order directly interfaced to receiving - based on actual sales
  • Reorder Notification based on user-defined reorder point, or Redline
  • Item sales tracked an reported by vendor, department, item, color, size, etc. for any date range, including contribution to profit
  • Inventory label generation with bar code printing capabilities
  • Inventory label generation with Cost Codes embedded
  • Inventory labels can be printed from Inventory, PO's or Reports
  • Physical inventory with a portable data collector with Full Report capabilities
  • Retail Price Table for automatic price rounding
  • Parts Explosion supporting multiple items sold as a consolidated kit or package
  • Customizable Screens and Re-Namable fields
  • One Button Inventory History (PO, Transfers, Sales)
  • Pictures of Inventory linkup to Webstores

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