Welcome to WinSale Support

On this page you will find a lot of helpful information regarding WinSale day-to-day operations:
WinSale Online Manual   Interactive, Easy to use manual that covers all aspects of WinSale operations.
WinSale Manual (PDF)  Printable PDF version of Online Manual, if you prefer to keep the hard copy for easy access
Barcode scanner programming  Documentation needed to program barcode scanners
Data collector's documentation
 Full Guide on how to operate and program ScanPal Data Collectors
Quick Start Guide  A Short PDF version of manual that will help you set up your store and run it with WinSale in a matter of minutes!
Opticon Data Collector  OPH-1005 Data Collector Programming 
2D Barcode Scanner Programming  2D Bacrode Scanner programming, that allows you to scan customer's Driver's License 
Opticon Data Collector Documentation
 User Manual for Opticon Data Collector
You can always Email Technical Support with any questions that you have. Please include your store location and phone number with any correspondence. All emails will be answered within 24 hours but are usually answered within a hour or two during normal business hours.

You may also call 1 (843) 476 4767 and speak to a customer service representative.


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Latest News

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