WinSale™ provides a user-friendly easy to learn yet extremely powerful solution for your entire operation.  Winsale is a mature product that is working 24 hours a day worldwide. Our focus is to provide the work shoe/work wear industry a business to business solution that allows you to sell to your industrial and retail customers, while letting Winsale handle all of the intricacies associated with the entire process.

Longevity is the proof.....

With over 3 decades of experience and a strong loyal following of business to business retailers like Independent Red Wing Shoe Stores across the nation we are constantly expanding Winsale's capabilities. Our clients count on us to provide dynamic mobile and cloud computing software, services and the support that gives them a distinct advantage over their competition.

Not just another ho-hum Point of Sale system...

With full Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payable, Inventory Control, and General Ledger Modules, WinSale enables you to efficiently run your entire back office operations as well as your point of sale with state of the art technology. Using our cloud technology you can run all of your stores in real time over the internet.  This is perfect for your multi-store and mobile truck operations.  A Major Account industrial billing system lets you professionally invoice your industrial customers with all of their employee purchases with just a press of a button. All business rules are easily defined for your industry's unique requirement such as taxing requirements are easily handled and are automatically inherited by the industrial employees when they make purchases with WinSale.

Adding inventory into the system is as easy as just scanning the UPC bar-code already found on all of your merchandise. We are able to do this because Winsale has access to a huge database of UPC bar-codes for hundreds of the most popular vendor lines in the footwear and work wear industries. This database is constantly being updated with new styles all of the time. When you reference any data defined in this database this data is automatically pushed to your system with no user intervention.  Currently, as of January 2015,  there are over 9 million UPC codes and style data loaded into our universal database.

Tracking employees and clock in/out data is a breeze with our integrated time-clock and employee performance utilities.  These utilities not only record and report on time clock data but also can help forecast future scheduling needs by statistical analysis.

Winsale also includes unique sales marketing tools to let you target your customer's buying preferences via their unique sale history and can target email sale pieces or export to popular programs like Constant Contact.  If you prefer, you may also print out snail mail pieces targeting your customers without the costly shot gun approach of sending marketing pieces blindly.

If your needs include a solution for multiple locations then Winsale can control multiple locations including mobile units in two ways: Winsale can use a central server in the cloud and control all of your stores in real time over the internet or if you prefer or the internet is not feasible, Winsale can also import and export your remote locations and/or mobile trucks on a daily batch basis. 


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