Cloud WinSale 

"Cloud" Computing means moving from a model where your file server is in your store, to one where it is hosted remotely with Magnum Software. All you need is a high speed internet connection, and Magnum will do the rest. 

Our experts monitor and manage your server continually so you have 99.99% uptime and best of all… you pay a predictable monthly subscription that is less than your total server expenses now. Never worry about data loss or backups again, because we take care of all that automatically. Magnum Software's experts manage the whole transition including data migration, setup and more. We can even manage all the PCs on your network remotely and take care of things like virus and spyware protection, content filtering, user management, end user support and more.

How It Works
You pay one flat monthly fee (per free quote). We setup and host your virtual server, including all data migration. We maintain and support the server, and manage all your IT needs remotely. Unlimited user management and help desk support for your users. No surprise expenses!        

 Less Software Expense  No IT Hassles
 Less Hardware Expense  Safe and Fast
 Offsite Backups  UPC Updates
 Easy Snap in of new Stores  WinSale Upgrades
 Improve Reliability (99.99% up time)  Happier Staff
Multiple Stores

The very framework of WinSale sitting on top of a cloud server provides for the ultimate in multiple store operations.  In this environment, all of your stores share a live set of data which means a minimum of data entry and maintenance.  Your server sits in the cloud and each of your physical (Brick and Mortar) locations log into this server over a secure tunnel through the Internet.  This keeps all of the data in one secure data store location that (can be /is) shared by all of your store locations.  Each user at a store logs into their own store by choice of a menu system upon opening WinSale.  This menu can be customized for every user as to which store(s) that they can see.  Administrators can log into any location from the WinSale Business Menu and run reports or undertake administrative functions for each location individually or globally (See below graphic).

 Streamlining Examples:

  • Set up an inventory item at one location and this information can then simply be cloned in another store.  (Note: Each store can have their own pricing structure.)
  • Invoice major accounts at one location for all locations.
  • Monthly and Yearly closeouts can be run at a single location for all locations.
  • Customer History is available at all locations.
  • Loyalty programs are privy to every transaction at any location real time.
  • All Reporting can be combined or broken out by store.
  • Inventory levels can be viewed for every store individually or combined (Matrix and Linear reporting)
  • Price changes, cost updating, can be done all at once for all locations or individually.
  • Financial Statements can be combined in any store groupings
  • Snap in and out new store locations with no new data entry.
  • So much more...

Another popular architecture for using the cloud is to share a central server but instead of one large data store the data is broken up into individual locations.  This way the data is totally firewalled from one store to the next.  Administrators can still log into any location from the WinSale Business Menu and run reports or undertake administrative functions for each location individually.

Mobile Units:

  • Mobile Units can access the cloud server through cellular modems from companies like Verizon, AT&T.

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